Friday, April 20, 2012

India's Long-Range Cruise Missile Test In August, Says DRDO

The Nirbhay DOESN'T look like this! Only an impression.
Tata 12x12 vehicle on which Nirbhay will be based. | Photo by Shiv Aroor
India's Tomahawk-like long range cruise missile Nirbhay is expected to be test-fired for the first time in July-August this year, according to the Dr V.G. Sekaran, director of the Advanced Systems Lab (ASL) at DRDO.

This will be, without a doubt, the most significant weapon test since, perhaps, the Agni-III. The Nirbhay, shrouded in secrecy for long, is understood to be a two-stage high subsonic cruise missile with loitering capabilities. Sources suggest that apart from the engine (apparently supplied by NPO Saturn), the rest of the system is fully indigenous.

Indian private sector giant Tata revealed recently that it was building the vehicle [PDF] that will be the carrier/launcher  for the Nirbhay system. The Nirbhay will be based on the "indigenous high mobility, all-terrain and all-wheel drive Tata LPTA 5252-12 X12 vehicle", developed in partnership with DRDO.


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Ashish Kenkare said...

Will it be Nuke Capable? What kind of warheads would it deliver? Does this mean opening up of our Tactical Nuke Capability?

Anonymous said...

I see there is a lot of inferiority complex among indians. They try to highlight the words like "indegineous", "elite club", "bollywood", "india's 26/11" etc a lot. Why the hell you call nirbhay as "india's tomahak"? cant you simply say it as a long range cruise missile. When are these indians are going to come out of their inferiority complex?

Anonymous said...

the submarine launched variant of nirbhay will be a good option.

disappointed! said...

IF NPO Saturn is supplying the engine, then DRDO really can't take credit for this missile or call it "indigenous"!

Do the chinese get engines for their P series of cruise missiles from Russia as well ?

Claiming this is indigenous is like claiming a ballistic missile is indigenous if the rocket is provided by some other country and you just add a warhead.

Rahul said...

What happened to earlier promise? Why they always have to delay things?

Anonymous said...

engine is imported for nirbhay why cant these duds import the engine 2 years back and complete the dev by now and fill the arihanth with 30-40 each of them

Anonymous said...

nirbhay is desperately required..right now the only cruise-missile we have is the brahmos....very fast..but only 300kms....we need the 1000kms range..yes it will be subsonic..but all long-range cruise missiles are subsonic...we need nirbhay to complement the brahmos....hope we make it fast...

btw, about the comment on the NPO engine...yes ideally it should not be there...but hopefully we can replace it with an indigenous one later (like the kaveri engine may replace yank engines in LCA later)...lets get the rest working at least first..these are complex systems.....have patience....

pls. support DRDO...yes they dont normally deliver on time..but who else do we have in india that can make this stuff?...they are very smart folks...but they are paid a pittance..and we should appreciate their patriotism to work for that....i know i do....



Anonymous said...

Well acording to chinese experts agni-5 real range is about 8000kms and indian goverment has downplayed the reach of Agni 5 to avoid any discomfort in the western world specialy America. Well this look more correct than drdo claim and the reason behind this is the dimension of agni 5 which is realy more than what should be a 5000 kms range missile . And one important fact " drdo always said, can reach more than 5000kms and never said that max range is 5000kms.
Search wiki.

Anonymous said...

what would be the approx. range?

Mr. Ra said...

Nirbhay is a good development. It should be accorded its own merit. Low level high subsonic cruise missiles have their own distinct advantages.

There is no need to declare that the range of Agni-5 is 8000 Km.

sntata said...

Delighted to know that Nirbhay will be tested by July/August. But why Saturn NPO engine? Why not Kaveri?

Gautam said...

The frothing at the mouth moron at the top should resume shouting slogans at roadside where he gets the attention he deserves(from cops and psychologists). Desh or Videsh has nothing to do with anything here.

The DRDO's way of doing things is piss poor. End of story. There are no deadlines, no consequences for not delivering what is required, and 100% assured orders and salaries irrespective of performance.

Not even in Socialist countries like Russia and China is this done. DRDO either needs accountability or if that's too much for our vote-hungry politicians(they need to please labour unions after all) privatise defence R & D. If we can afford to trust our defence to various foreign private companies from whom we buy missiles, we can certainly rely on our own companies like Tata and L & T who are already involved in defence sector and collaborating with DRDO.