Saturday, April 21, 2012

Images From Indo-US Naval Exercise Malabar

Destroyer INS Ranvir passes USS Carl Vinson with F-18 Hornet

Corvette INS Kulish passes destroyer USS Hasley

Indian and US warships in a passage formation

Indian frigate INS Satpura passes USS Carl Vinson 

Destroyer INS Ranvijay with USS Carl Vinson

Fleet tanker INS Shakti with USS Carl Vinson

Fleet tanker INS Shakti with USS Carl Vinson

Destroyer INS Ranvijay with cruiser USS Bunker Hill

From top: USS Bunker Hill, INS Shakti, USNS Bridge, INS Ranvir

Frigate INS Satpura passes USS Carl Vinson

Indian MARCOS aboard destroyer USS Hasley

E-2 Hawkeye from USS Carl Vinson

Indian Ka-31 anti-sub chopper lands on USS Hasley

Indian, US Navy units in formation

Submarine USS Louisville with Indian, US Navy units in formation

The ships involved in Exercise Malabar 2012 were Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill, Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Halsey and Supply-class fast combat support and logistics ship USNS Bridge. Los Angeles-class nuclear fast attack submarine USS Louisville, Lockheed-Martin P3C Orion and Northrop-Grumman E-2 Hawkeye AEW aircraft were also fielded. The Indian Navy fielded indigenously-built Project 17 stealth frigate INS Satpura, Kashin-class guided missile destroyers INS Ranvir and INS Ranvijay, guided missile corvette INS Kulish and fleet replenishment tanker INS Shakti

Photos / U.S. Navy


Anonymous said...

India needs a dedicated missile cruiser.

Anonymous said...

No, India (and the US) need to feed and educate its population.

Anonymous said...

With China threatning Philipines excersies of this sort will be a common site also it will be interesting to see what role the US and its allies will play if a conflict will arize

Anonymous said...

thats not a ka 31 asw helicopter...
tahts a kamov 28 helicopter .The KA 31 and KA 28 are worlds apart!!

Panzer Kumar said...

I believe these kind of existences are really good for India, US and in fact the world politics (diplomacy)at large. The reason i am telling this is, with China's rise comes military threat to Asia, which makes sense for like minded democratic countries like USA and India to get closer. I believe US will make a much better ally to India than Russia in the future as Chino-Russian relationship is getting closer these days.

These kind of joint exercises are good stepping stones for a good relationship to help establish Indo-US partnership. Believe me when I say, US wants Indian support more than India needs US support.