Friday, April 20, 2012

IAF Wants 9 New COMJAM/SIGINT Aircraft

IAI AISIS and Shavit special mission jets | Photo: Gulfstream/IAI
The Indian Air Force has floated a brand new requirement to support the acquisition of nine aircraft for survey, target towing, COMJAM and Airborne SIGINT.

According to the request for information  [PDF] sent out to global vendors, "Seven aircraft should be suitably integrated by the OEM and certified for the survey, target Towing and COMJAM roles including dropping of flares, passenger and cargo roles. Two aircraft should be certified to perform the SIGINT role. The basic platform for all the nine aircraft is to be the same platform and is to comply with FAA/JAAR or equivalent standards. The role equipment and role performance is to comply with related  Mil STD/ equivalent stipulations."

Israel's IAI has pitched the AISIS special mission aircraft to the IAF over the last few years. Companies likely to be looking at the requirement include Northrop-Grumman, Boeing, L-3 and Raytheon.


Anonymous said...

how many weapon india need are they people is going to attack mars...making of another ussr

Anonymous said...

if the deal is passed by CCS in 2013-2014, we can hopefully get it by 2050. Before passing this deal , first sign the rafale deal. In India neither the defence officials nor the MOD officials are bothered to clear these deals. Both of them feel they will face bribe charges if they pass the deal. The mentality needs to be changed. Both govt. & opposition needs to play responsible roles atleast for defence acquisitions. I am sure govt. will not sign major defence deals keeping in mind the 2014 general elections.

Abhiman said...

Firstly, will the sale of these aircraft by any foreign entity be free of spying software and so-called 'kill-switches' ?

Can't the IAF first check if indigenous capabilities exist or not ?

abhi said...

When China has the capability to attack Jupiter, we surly should be able to attack Mars..

Its true that it will take some time to procure these weapons, but have a look at the Pialatus Deal,,, now its the citizen and not the opposition who are raising the fingers over delayed procurement.

As of now no Indian company (Pvt or Public) is capable of delivering such systems.. DRDO has been devloping the AWACS for last 20 yrs and now we are seeing some ray of light in form of Embraer platform mounted AWACS..

Anonymous said...

The military seems to have a free hand in capability building nowadays ..Under the stewardship of Antony the Defence ministry seems to know when to left the armed forces have its say .

Something like the JSTARS seems to be workable for the DRDO given its ability to build the AEW&C but i think the IAF requires a system that is proven and mature.

Probably follow ons will be DRDO developed just like Phalcons and the indigenous AEW planes

Anonymous said...

Jawano saavdhan!!!!
Ek aur ghotale k liye tayyar shriman!!!

AAge badh..........

Anonymous said...


This particular asset is meant to prevent an attack on Mars or India!! It is an INT asset (among other things). Thus it is supposed to collect information to get to know what the bad guys are thinking to attack India (and perhaps Mars too).

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1257 : "In India neither the defence officials nor the MOD officials are bothered to clear these deals."
If you mean the IAF by "defence officials", they have already completed their part of the procurement, evaluation, in an unbiased, competent and thoroughly time bound manner. The MoD is progressing with the process of contract signing as per its process, with neither undue haste nor tardiness.
I am sure you take upto 6 months to decide to buy a new house worth a few tens of lakhs, you want the govt to sign off 10 billion in a jiffy to satisfy your requirements for instant action. Fortunately they are made of better stuff.

Anonymous said...

Abhiman at 2:19. "Can't the IAF first check if indigenous capabilities exist or not ?"
What the heck makes you think they didn't? As of today, no DRDO lab / pvt vendor in India even claims to have this capability let alone genuinely has it. And as we know from bitter experience, when DRDO claims a capability and promises a timeline, it means mega-crore funding, lush campuses and fancy new designations and jack-shit for the country in terms of deliverable for the next 25 years. I am neither a pessimist or anti-national, but my point is that the capability gap of the services needs to be filled - the capability must be developed in house, and if iti is will be used, but empty promises and tall claims may aid in empire building but do not protect one inch of our borders.

Anonymous said...

Indian Air Force first look at fulfilling basic requirements of fighter air crafts, rather than wasting huge money in drains to acquire INT/SIG. Of which there is no need today.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7.24, are you trying to say that only the IAF is entitled to have the goodies like Golf courses, fancy messes, international travel etc. Cheap comments on DRDO is mostly from the services. They are jealous that some of their thunder is being stolen by DRDO. Grow up fast, there is no other way of handling the situation. Time is up.