Saturday, January 22, 2011

Typhoons From Italian AF At Aero India This Year

Two Eurofighters from the Italian Air Force will be flown in for Aero India 2011 next month at the Yelahanka air force base. In 2009, the company sent Luftwaffe Typhoons. With that, the Typhoons of three of its six operators will have brought their jets to the country. In October last year, the Royal Air Force brought Typhoons for a joint exercise at the Kalaikunda air force base in East India.


rajiv said...

Hope Italians bring Monica bellucci and other italian beauties along with their typoon.

Anonymous said...

looks good but kitne me padega aur kitna dega? jokes apart can it outrun outlast and outsmart a Chinki Su-27 or a porki F-16 plane?

Anonymous said...

The IAF needs an affordable real multirole fighter not the half-assed euroscammer.

Anonymous said...

You already got Sonia

Anonymous said...



Typical wising and immaturity -- isn't it?

- nanovacuum

rajiv said...

Amigo @5.55,@10:55
It seems you now nothing about Italian women.

If have any interest in women then you should definitely true Italian and Brazilians.

Anonymous said...

Bets Anyone ?

No decision as long as Clean MMS & Honest Anthony are around ?

Shaktiraj said...

Good to have typhoon in Aero India 2011. Euro fighter is the front runner for MMRCA deal.

I strongly believe IAF need a fighter aircraft like Euro fighter.

Recently Euro fighter typhoon has achieved 100,000 flying hours.

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