Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coming Up...

An exclusive first-time account of India's indigenous AESA radar effort for the Light Combat Aircraft -- never before seen images, schematics, graphics and more. Also a post on the phased-array radar effort for India's indigenous AEW&C platform. Both posts coming up later today.


Sudip Das ( said...

Both projects will propel India to higher levels of self sufficiency .
DRDO should try to complete these two projects on time .

Will be waiting eagerly for the report

Aaditya said...


Anonymous said...

Do they have it working or is it still in the drawing boards ?

Anonymous said...

WOW I am so happy. AESA and that too made in INDIA.

Now if we could complete Kaveri also.

This decade belongs to DRDO
By 2020 DRDO will be INDIA 's pride
and neighbors' source of jealousy.

Mathi Man said...

Hello Shiv Aroor,
Can you [please a Knol or article on the "Excalibur" upgraded INSAS rifle, the tests it was subjected (intensive) i heard, the reason for IA s rejection. Can you bring the truth forward on this issue>? The Gun with foldable back end actually looks like a good rifle.

Rahul said...

Just delighted...Thousand thanks to you Shiv..keep them coming..

Anonymous said...

Time for the services to be fully on board, deeply committed and absolutely clear about the mandate and governance.

It is with a sense of amusement that one sees Navy committing to 80 LCAs while IAF dithers about with 20. Let the radar be a different story from get go.

- Manne

MathiMan said...

I think these are three most important components under buildin DRDO:
The Kaveri Engine
THE AEsA radar
The MBT Arjun engine

All three of above can benefit hugely with private participation.

Anonymous said...

In May 2008, licensed production of the Mi-17 started in China with production being led by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC and the Sichuan Lantian Helicopter Company Limited in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The plant had built 20 helicopters in 2008, using Russian Ulan-Ude-supplied kits. The production is expected to reach 80 helicopters per year eventually. The variants to be built by Lantian will include Mi-171, Mi-17V5, and Mi-17V7.

Anonymous said...

AESA from DRDO/LRDE.????... me sceptical !!!!!! with out working algos, AESA,PESA etc. will be paper tigers only.... The review committee should ensure that !!!!