Thursday, April 29, 2010

PHOTOS: The INS Shivalik Bridge

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Anonymous said...

Truly awesome

Anonymous said...

Just managed Bridge photos, why they didnt you enter the Ops room !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Shiv,

We would like to point out an issue which is objectionable.

You are taking too many photographs in an unrestricted manner and going ahead and posting them on your blog as well.

While many of these photographs are fine, there are some which are certainly objectionable.

As a well reputed journalist, you are being given access to see sensitive products, machines and units.

One expects a little more discretion and respect for the actual soldiers behind these machines.

Without realizing it, in your journalistic enthusiasm (which is understandable), you are ending up contributing to weakening national security as well, and compromising the lives of our soldiers, sailors and pilots.

All we ask is if you could exercise some restraint.... in taking sensitive snaps and in posting them. We are not asking you to stop altogether. Just use some discretion.

Thank you.

Vivek said...

Saarji, utterly beautiful pics. Wish I could be there.

I'm sorry, like before I must reiterate my(as well as other Livefist followers') hope, that you follow through on your promise of the Arjun story(that's right, we can't get enough of it).

Many thanks and cheers.

Anonymous said...

is that INS VIRAAT in 3rd pic??????????

Taurgo said...

Oh yes .. Good Observation .. Seems to be INS Viraat ..

Jay said...

No thats Vikrant. Recently she was in dry dock. Viraat can be seen left of her on the same pier just outside