Friday, February 05, 2010

On Navy Demand, Indian P-8 To Have Aft Radar, Air-to-Air Mode

The eight Boeing P-8I long-range maritime reconnaisance and anti-submarine warfare (LRMR-ASW) aircraft for the Indian Navy will be fitted with aft radars following a demand by the Indian Navy, Boeing has revealed at the Singapore Air Show. In addition, the P-8I's primary sensor, the Raytheon-built AN/APY-10 radar will be given an air-to-air mode -- something the Indian Navy has insisted on. The Navy has asked for the aft radar based on the fact that the APY-10 provides only 240° forward coverage. The US is also making available to India the new Raytheon Fish Hawk GPS-guidance wing kit along with MK-54 anti-submarine torpedoes as part of the weapons package.

Photo by Shiv Aroor / P-8 Final Assembly Facility, Renton, WA


Anonymous said...

India must now modify the Light Weight Torpedo for the P-8 and if possible all modern torpedoes must be made P-8 compatible.

Vijay said...

Beautiful news.

Can anyone describe, how not signing the CISMOA will affect this, C-130 an C-17?

Anonymous said...

Shiv, What is Aft Radar? Could you please explain to me?
Thank you