Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Barak-8 Advert Surfaces!

Just saw this ad on the back cover of the Vayu Aerospace DefExpo show daily. No mention of India.

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Anonymous said...

keep sending the dope from def expo shiv....wish i cud be there!....keep them coming man...:)

Shivi said...

Same ad in latest issue of DTI. again no mention of India /DRDO... Looks like we fund they own kind of stuff...

Anonymous said...

Hi Shiv,

Can you please find out if DRDO has re-surrected the Bhim SPH.

Spirit of Exuberance said...


Nice Updates. Want more info from a passionate journo

Jay said...

Why would IAI credit anything about Barak-8 to India anyway..
I think only part where India comes in is funding and customization to our hardware..which we do in almost all cases..except funding..ha ha
Anyway..we should not blame Israel..
its not like they held a gun to our head..we should be doing some work on taking Akash to make it upto date..with some active seekers,vertical launch capability,AESA radar,longer range..ECCM protection..and pretty much everything from scratch..
So that we dont have to face a Syria-type situation..where Israel came,bombed and went..and their air-defence didnt have a clue..:P