Monday, July 06, 2009

Indian Defence Budget: More money, more weapons (and more dereliction!)


Anonymous said...

So will Kargil committee recommendation will implement now?

AK said...

Since India has already blacklisted all the defence firms and our own DRDO cannot produce much of what we need, this defence budget hike is meaningless. As usual, MoD will end up returning all that money back to the FM and the circus will continue while the soldiers will keep getting killed.

ABHINABA said...

In, every budgate we see increase of defence allocation.But, this time non planned expenditure for air-craft & aero engine shows some discrepancy : For this segment AF was proposed to get budgetary allocation of Rs11986.77 crore in the FY 2008-09 which in FY 2009-10 is decreased to Rs11838.55 crore ,
whereas Navy wil get some Rs 200.73 crore extra budgetary allocation for this segment from previous budgeatary allocation.