Sunday, July 05, 2009

Historic ATV launch imminent!

Wanted to post this a few days ago, but it slipped by. Vice Admiral (Retd) DSP Varma, DGATVP (Director General - Advanced Technology Vessel Project) will oversee the long-awaited, yet historic launch of India's first nuclear submarine later this month, or early August. India Today Associate Editor Sandeep Unnithan reports that one of the dates being considered for the launch is July 26, Vijay Diwas. Another possible date is August 15. Unnithan also reports that two more hulls are ready for fabrication by Larsen & Toubro, which will ultimately become ATV-2 and 3. The launch is, of course, merely the beginning of what could be a protracted trial process, that will involve a few years of harbour and sea trials before the submarine can be commissioned into Indian Naval service. But this is still very exciting!


Anonymous said...

aha great.

Anonymous said...

ATV will meet the Strategic goal of the Indian Navy. Its just the begining for the Indian Navy showing its Power Projection.

Excited to see this vessel.

Anonymous said...

Prasun Sengupta says only one ATV will be built. Reports of two more hulls!!!! Is it real?????

Shaktiraj said...

Hope ATV-1 launch on 15 August 2009 it will be a remarkable and historic launch for our Nation and Indian navy.

shaktiraj s. ghorpade

Anonymous said...

Prasun Sengupta says only one ATV will be built
only god knows how many ATV will be built

but if he says only one then i say let first one to be finished first

Anonymous said...

What does it mean "ready for fabrication"?

That there are steel plates ready to be bent and welded or are there already two hulls in the process of being fabricated?

Sometimes journos can be very vague with their choice of words. A more clearly written sentence by SU would have been more appreciated.

Anonymous said...

PKS says atv is only a tech demonstrator so why atv 2 and 3? shiv any ideas?

Anonymous said...

"ATV will meet the Strategic goal of the Indian Navy."

It will do nothing of the sort. The sub is a victim of 'doing the needful' babu mentality and therefore too small to have any meaningful endurance. Just like LCA Tejas is too small to even serve as a point defense aircraft. Like Tejas the sub will be good enough as a showpiece only.

And this sub will have an "accident" once in service. Count on it. Unkil will ensure it. And sincewe do not have deep rescue capability, so we'll go begging to unkil to save our sailors.

fgfhnj said...

please shivaroor post some thing about ligh combat helicopter , some uptdate about it.