Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photos: The Beautiful An-32

Photos of the beautiful An-32 taken over the last six years at various bases. In order from top, at Agra, Leh, Srinagar, Tezpur and Yelahanka.

All Photos by Shiv Aroor, except Photo 2 by Anamitra Chakladar


Anonymous said...

ya really beautifull. Its so sad to know these incidents happen.

Vin said...

Is really An-32's beautiful?? I felt it is one of the ugliest looking aircraft ever built..

ABHINABA said...

Shiv, is IAF thinking about replacement for AN-32?

Anonymous said...

some villagers have reported mid air explosion,has it been shot down by chinese stinger clones?

Anonymous said...

chunnu munnu the do bhai, rasgulle pe hui ladai,
Chunnu bola mein khaoonga, munnu bola kabhi na doonga,
jhagda sunke mummy aayi, donon ke ek chapak lagayi,
aadha le tu, munnu beta, aadha le tu chuunu beta,
aisa jhagda kabhi na karna, donon milkar
prem se rehna.

Cheeni Sharma
c/o56 APO

George said...

Hey Shiv.. dumb Q.. but arent planes advanced to see stationary obstacles on radar?? isnt technology advanced to blind fly? esp in the military area??

and great reporting in SL.. ur a brave man!! the pics spk volumes.. though i hv yet to see u on TV. .as i rarely watch TV! :)

cheers! George

Anonymous said...


is IAF thinking about replacement for AN-32?
u already know about iaf looking for peplacement of these that is IL214

and these an32 are merely 20 year old
and these will be flown till 2030

furthermore there is BE200 available which is good for all IAF,ARMY,NAVY as it can land/take off on water/land and carry respectful load

the terminator said...

Nothing beautiful about the AN-32. A good workhorse but beyond that it is obsolete enough to be relegated to the many museums in the country.

It is time that the IAF modernises its transport fleet with newer and better aircraft.

Stop accepting Ruski aircraft as the best because of price because even that is not stable anymore what with the Ruski bear being too greedy to milk the Indians as much as possible.

Their idea of trade seems to be to offer a low or moderate price to clinch a deal but only to demand 2 or 3 times the original price once the deal is signed.

Anonymous said...

blog gone dead ...beap...beap...beap.........................

troll singh said...

no sight more beautiful than an AN-32 for sore eyes in ladakh, or bhuj.

quite obvious the critics have not been in either place.

simply love the old bird.

troll singh said...

even if i have had to sit knee to chest to a crateful of freshly slaughtered chicken, or eggs, debating the fates which put me in such situations, on my way to yet another spell in HAA. Thoise, here we come. and the sudden gasp as the cabin depressurises after landing, and the astringent, mildly bitter smell/taste of burnt kerosene, aka ATF . . .