Wednesday, June 24, 2009

IAF An-32 Avionics Upgrade Detailed

As part of the $402-million deal to upgrade 105 Aviant/Antonov An-32 of the Indian Air Force will involve a comprehensive engine and integrated avionics updation that will push the workhorse fleet for at least another two decades.

The upgrade will be undertaken by Antonov/Aviant and IAI jointly. The qualitative requirements as formally listed by the IAF for the upgrade are "extending service life, enhancing operational capabilities, easing workloads on crew and reducing maintenance costs".

LiveFist has learnt that the avionics of the An-32 will be replaced with an IAI-LAHAV-ELTA developed package, including a full glass cockpit with standard multi-function displays (MFDs) and a control display unit (CDU).

The LAHAV-ELTA avionics package that will go into each IAF An-32 includes a digital moving map, full NVG capability, in-flight mission rehearsal options, head-up display for both pilots (the IAF is still to communicate the the consortium if it wants HUDs for both pilots, one pilot, or none at all) and a significantly new advanced electronic warfare system (EWS), which will feature radar warning receiver, the fourth generation EL/M-2160 missile approach warning system, laser warning receiver and conventional countermeasures. Flight safety features being incorporated into the upgrade will include an advanced Terrain Avoidance Warning System (TAWS) and an Enhanced Traffic Collision Avoidance System (ETCAS), with options for a specialised weather radar.

Photo of Lahav-upgraded C-130 cockpit
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Anonymous said...

all this is good but what is the contribution of india in this except paying 400 million

and i hope il76 will be upgraded soon

Anonymous said...

will the ppilot cabin of upgraded cabin be air conditioned or not

and is the pilot cabin of il76 is air conditioned or not

Anonymous said...

weather radar dispaly unit is missing

Anonymous said...

what about the engine? will the new engines have FADEC? also i hear that there will be some modifications to the nacelle landing gear of the aircraft.

Anonymous said...

What about the structural/engine upgrades? Is there any upgrade to the aircraft frame? What are the engine upgrades being talked about? Are we going in for new engines?

The blog only talks about the avionics. Please list all the other upgrades happening to the airframe.


Anonymous said...

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ukrain is capable of producing MFD and all other aircraft safety related avionics just see an70 aircraft

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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sanjay said...

can someone tell me that all these an32 will be upgraded in ukrain or after 10-12 of them will be sent to ukrain and rest of them will be upgraded in india

Manu Sood said...

$80m of this will go to Ukranian company Motor Sich for the engine work