Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Photos: Southern Naval Command anti-flood relief operations

Pic 1: Loading of rescue material in progress at day break on 31 Aug at the Naval Base.

Pic 2: Embarkation of Stores progressing for Bihar Relief Operations by the Navy

Pic 3: Two Air Force aircrafts bound for Bihar with the Naval Relief team at the Naval Base on sunday morning

Pic 4: Lieutenant Commander Naqvi carrying out preliminary briefing for the Naval Relief team bound for Bihar

Photos by Indian Navy


Anonymous said...

when will bihar's nightmare end?

Anonymous said...


since the gangetic planes are built
by flood in different rivers coming down from himalayas ,floods carry mud with them, and that mud is very good for farming,this is happening for last 4000 years and it will keep on going .

all of us must have read about this when we were in our primary classes in the school.