IAF warriors return from Red Flag Nellis, conduct joint exercise with UAE Air Force on return leg

IAF Press Release: At Red Flag 08, IAF pilots flew Offensive Air Operations, Large Force Engagements and Dynamic Targeting missions and the IAF Special Force 'GARUDS' practiced hostage rescue operations in urban warfare scenarios.

The IAF contingent was deployed at Nellis Air Force Base for the main exercise alongside South Korean Air Force flying the F-15K aircraft and the French Air Force with their latest Rafale aircraft, apart from the USAF F-15 and F-16s. The exercise replicated a present day air campaign. IAF and other visiting air forces alongwith a large US Air Force element were part of the friendly 'Blue Forces' that engaged in combat with the aggressors – the 'Red Forces'. The Red Forces comprised F-15 and F-16 fighter jets. Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs) such as SA2, SA3, SA6 and SA8 alongwith long and short range quick reaction missiles were always present to neutralize the friendly Blue forces during the Exercise.

Blue Force pilots had all possible odds thrown at them. Availability of a large air-to-air range with threat replication in an intense Electronic Warfare environment contributed to tremendous training value of the exercise. The replication of the air war saw the IAF's Sukhoi-30 MKI aircraft participating in Suppression of Enemy Air Defence, air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. The pilots were exposed to a real war like scenario with almost 80 aircraft operating in the exercise area at any given time. The experience of engaging in completely networked combat with such a large number of aircraft in the airspace was of immense training value especially when the IAF is in the process of acquiring AWACS and networking its assets with real time data links. The IAF performed exceptionally well and the skills of the pilots and ground crew were appreciated by members of all other participating forces.

Thus, it was a fruitful learning experience with far reaching benefits all around. The IL-78 tankers were in active support role refuelling the Su-30MKIs in mid air. The IL-76 aircraft undertook tactical transport operations and large force engagement operations. IAF's special force commandos 'Garuds' were also put to test in simulated conditions and they successfully demonstrated their mission capability by neutralizing an enemy radar site, capturing an airfield and carrying out combat search and rescue operations.

On the return, the contingent also made a week long stop over at Al-Dafra, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and participated in an air exercise with Mirage-2000-9 and F-16 aircrafts of UAE Air Force and Air Defence. The contingent landed back at Lohegaon Air Base on 13 Sep 08.

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